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Foods That Aren’t Good For Oral Health

Foods That Aren’t Good For Oral Health

Eating is one of the greatest pleasures of life and is one of the main centerpieces of our holiday gatherings and celebrations. At the same time, we are taught from an early age that keeping our teeth and gums healthy is also very important. It’s a fine line, isn’t it? Taking care of our teeth and gums, but also indulging in the good food that is presented to us. The great news is that it’s always alright to occasionally eat foods that aren’t good for oral health, but that should only be the case if we are avoiding them most of the time. So what foods do you need to avoid to keep teeth and gums as healthy as you can?

Foods That Aren’t Good for Oral Health:

-Carbonated Sodas

Drinking sodas does more than just expand your waistline. The acid in soda can erode the protective enamel coating on your teeth. Soda can stain or discolor your teeth. And of course, soda contains tons of sugar that can contribute to tooth decay. Soda offers no nutritional value to your body and has also been proven to deplete the teeth of calcium—an essential mineral needed for strong teeth and bones—which can soften the teeth and make them more vulnerable to the development of cavities. Soda makes the top of the list of foods that aren’t good for oral health.


Most of us enjoy a sweet treat every now and then. With sugar consumption in the United States up 39% from the 1950s, it seems that we are enjoying sweet treats much more often than we should be. Sweets are another food that isn’t good for our oral health. They contain high amounts of sugar, low amounts of vitamins and minerals, add to our waistlines, and have detrimental effects on our teeth. The high sugar content can rot our teeth, leaving us susceptible to painful Dental operations in order to save them.

-Sticky Foods

Unfortunately, sticky foods are another food that isn’t good for oral health. Foods like toffee, taffy, gummy bears, and caramel have the double whammy of high sugar content as well as being very sticky. Sticky foods cling easily to our teeth, are hard to brush off, and can get in between the teeth in places that are hard to reach by brushing or even flossing. Sticky foods are the perfect thing to eat…if you want lots of cavities!

-Acidic Foods

When we drink drinks (such as sodas) or eat foods (such as citrus fruits) that are high in acids (phosphoric acid, citric acid) we are attacking the enamel on our teeth. When our enamel is weakened, it opens up our teeth to the formation of cavities. The enamel also protects the sensitive layers of our teeth and once enamel is damaged and gone, it is gone for good. Enamel does not build back up on our teeth. While citrus fruits do offer vitamin, minerals, and fiber in moderation, too much of them can cause them to be one of the foods that aren’t good for oral health.

Keep your teeth and gums healthy by brushing twice a day, flossing daily, using an anti-septic mouthwash, and of course, by visiting your Dentist regularly for exams and cleanings. Maintain a healthy body and a healthy mouth by eating a varied diet rich in nutrient-dense foods. By choosing healthy foods most of the time, you can afford to splurge on your favorite “bad” foods every now and then!


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